Yeelight bulb 1S Color Review

Today I have received the new Yeelight bulb 1S Color. First off all i want to say that it solves all the problems that yeelight bulb gen 2 had. This new bulb won´t dissapoint you.

Minimum brigthness now works correctly. Also color accuracy was fixed, specially red pure colour.

Now a comparisson between both bulbs:

Gen 2 bulb:

Standby 1.9W
Dating night 3.6W
Home 8.9W
Home Max 10.4W

1S bulb:

Standby 2.9W
Dating night 3.8W
Home 6.2W
Home Max 7.8W

As you can see power consumption is lower with the new bulb, except for the standby mode (can you check this yeelight team?)

Now some pictures, the design is the same, only the description changes (YLDP13YL is the new 1S bulb):

Old version:

Pure red colour:

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Thanks for the review, I was wondering if the dimming problem was solved!

A firmware update is coming soon to solve the dimming problem, please be patient.

For the old bulbs? Cool.