YEELIGHT GUANGCAN YLXD50YL – 'poor connection' makes it unusable

Got the light for about a week. It looks nice, is bright enough, but… it’s almost useless in smart home. The reaction time is ridiculously high – sometimes it takes about a minute to react to control event.
I’ve tried MiHome, Yeelight official app and HomeKit app (btw, the support there is partial: you can’t control ambient light or turn on ‘moon mode’) – but no use: sometimes it reacts instantly, sometimes after 10-15 seconds, sometimes half of minute and sometimes it doesn’t react at all just complaining about ‘poor connection’. I wonder how 250Mbits channel can be a ‘poor connection’. The router is just in 4 meters away from the light.

It’s my first Yeelight product and I’m wondering if all are like that. It’s totally unusable as a ‘smart device’ and comes out it’s a waste of money.

Does anybody have similar problems?


@road_t I want to buy the same lamp. Did you manage to cope with the problem? Did you update the lamp after purchase? Maybe you should do this or write to a yeelight employee to get a beta version of the firmware. But I suspect that updating will be difficult due to poor communication

I have the same problem. Is there any solution?

Nope. It’s still random. I’ve managed to update it somehow, but that didn’t help. It works slightly better via MiHome vs HomeKit and Yandex can turn it on more often than I could.
So the best solution so far is not to buy this lamp or vykinut’ eto govno nahui.

Yup. Get rid of the lamp. Or write your own application that uses LAN-mode of the lamp, avoiding those sluggish chinese servers. I can’t even imagine why they need it to work that way. If I’m home why to use god damn remote server to turn on the lamp I’m looking at?! Just get the normal LAN control or Bluetooth (since there’s a module) and send AN EVENT NOTIFICATION to the server to update some devices that can watch my smart home status remotelly.

Yeelight, do you have any professionals there or only noobs?! Why the architecture is so bad?..

In LAN control i have the same problem… In Bluetooth connection lamp works good

This movie shows this problem. Especially at the end

My YEELIGHT GUANGCAN YLXD50YL Ceiling Light have just arrived 2 weeks ago. These 2 weeks I have spent alternating between tinkering with network configuration, writing my own LAN control snippets, giving another chances over and over to the Yeelight app, and tearing my hair patchy from frustration. Only the latter yielded consistent success.

The YEELIGHT GUANGCAN YLXD50YL Ceiling Light keeps going offline for no good reason randomly; about 1 out of 5 times it doesn’t respond to commands, and even when it completes the action, there is a terrible lag ranging from several seconds to about half a minute; and it does all that with cloud and LAN control alike. I bought this light mainly to have a sunrise alarm (possibly with 3rd party apps involved), but in two weeks it never turned on on schedule, even though IFTTT always sends me a notification saying that it supposedly did.

My advice to anyone considering: don’t buy the YEELIGHT GUANGCAN YLXD50YL Ceiling Light. At least not until you see support staff showing up in this discussion with the news of a firmware update solving the issues. And this has yet to happen …

Oh, guys, come on! It worked almost ideally for about 10 days, but last night it started to freeze again. I can barely use it and it’s a shame to show it to somebody((

I have the same problems. Delays both over LAN And over the Internet. The same is done via the homekit Protocol. I can assume that it was the addition of it that had a bad effect on the firmware. Judging by the router logs, the lamp is constantly falling off from the wifi, although the signal is excellent and other devices work well. Can someone help me ?

Me too!!! Problem with Bluetooth control and more request time out when ping the light! Any beta firmware to repair rhis problem???

I have this problem to. Today no solution?

same problem here, tried different access points — same shit

BUMP! One more person with exactly the same problem.

Yup. No changes in a year. Yeelight doesn’t give a shit (им похуй).

Подождем еще чуть чуть. Не решат перешьем в esphome.