Ceiling light 320 constantly offline

I have a ceiling light 320. Router is TP-link Deco M4 mesh (two nodes). The lamp just will not stay online. It goes offline twice, three times a day. It recovers after some time itself or I have to do the power cycle. I have Yeelight light bulbs also and there is no problem with them. Please help or smth, the lamp is unusable.
Mi account: 1863526236, China server.

Yet another blackout, IP is showing but ping request times out and the lamp is offline. SW 1.5.9_0189

Hi,Your ID has been added to the white list, try to upgrade the firmware

Thank you for the answer. Did the firmware update in the morning and during the day could not catch any offline events. After returning home I checked Homebridge logs and found out that the light went offline twice during the day. The periods were short (under 10 min each) though in opposite to the previous day when the light was offline four times 20-60 min a time.
So it seems to be more stable but I keep monitoring during the coming days and report back.

Update. It is more stable for sure but every 3 hours or so it gives ECONNRESET error to Homebridge and goes offline for the short period. As I understand this means that the connection is terminated and since all the other accessories have no problem it must be that the light cuts the connection for no reason itself. Also, Mi Home app shows constant poor internet connection and packet loss up to 65%.
This morning:


Thanks for your feedback。

This may be a compatibility issue between the chip and the router,we plan to update the firmware of the wifi protocol stack in the next few months,please wait。