Switches for mesh downlights?


I have 12 Yeelight mesh downlights who are all connected through my xiaomi mi smart alarm clock gateway. Everything works as it should and there are no problems. I can use both the Yeelight app and the Mi Home app to turn on, off and adjust the Yeelight mesh downlights.

However, I have a question about switches:

Is it possible to connect a switch to my Yeelight mesh downlights so I can turn them on and off and adjust det brightness? And if, how to do it?
I have some yeelight Dimmer switches (YLKG07YL and YLKG08YL) is it possible to connect one of them, or do I need some other switch?
If possible, I can avoid using my phone every time I need to turn the light on or off.

I’m afraid not.

What about some of the Aqara switches? Can they connect and control my downlights?

Yes. They can control your lights via “Automation”.

Ok thanks.
So just to be sure before I go buying a lot of switches. The Aqara switches can use my xiaomi mi smart alarm clock as gateway and the I can control the lights via “Automation”? or should i use a specific Aqara switch? :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t think smart clock is a gateway. It is mesh gateway, but not zigbee gateway. You need Mijia or Aqara Gateway in order to use Aqara switches.

There are 3 types of gateways; Zigbee (Aqara or Mijia), BLE (in some ceiling lamps or standalone) and Mesh gateway.

Thank you Dalanik
It’s good to know before I buy a lot of things that not might work as intended.

So I need to buy a Zigbee gateway and some Zigbee switches. Then connect all of that to my xiaomi home app to be able to control my Mesh downlights?

Or do you know another way to control Mesh downlights through a switch?

Well, IMHO you need a Zigbee gateway in order to connect Aqara switches. And you need mesh gateway in order to connect Mesh downlights. :slight_smile:

Ok thank you :slight_smile:
I’ll need to go shopping then :wink:

Hi Can anyone advice which WIRELESS switches can be used to Turn on and Off Yeelight group of Mesh Downlights. I have Yeelight Bluetooth Gateway, AQARA M2 gateway and MI gateway.