Jiaoyue 650 connecting stuck at 30%


I’ve just purchased a Jiaoyue 650 and I cannot connect it to the Yeelight iOS app. I have tried my local server (German) and also the Chinese Mainland server. When I get to the connecting part, after setting up the wifi and choosing my light, it gets stuck at 30% every time.

Please help!

Kind regards,

What’s your xiaomi account? And could you connect to a hotspot setup with another phone?

My id is: 6268719465. I have tried with both my iPhone and my fathers one plus 7 pro. If by using a hotspot you mean using a mobile hotspot from one phone to another I have not tried that. Could you explain more please?
Thanks for your quick response so far though!

Yes, use another phone setup a hotspot and try connect the lamp to it to see if it works.

If it still not work, please refer to