Mi light “Save light state automatically” setting missing

I have the Xiaomi branded ceiling light, model MUE4086GL (FW 1.5.9_0023 from the chinese server) and I am missing the “Save light state automatically” setting in the Yeelight app :

The device will not save the state and turn on with default settings after power loss. Is there any way to bring back the setting or a workaround?

After some digging i found out that state saving is broken for this device/firmware, this probably being the reason for the setting to be hidden.
The “set_default” command via API call returns ok but will not save the state while all other commands work as documented.
For the time being (until i install a Bluetooth switch) i sort of solved the issue by creating a home assistant automation that turns down the brightness after power on (although it takes like 10s until wifi connects).

It would be nice to have the issue fixed though, it’s painful to use with a dumb switch.

There’s another feature in mi celing light that conflict with "“save light state automatically”.

Thanks for the reply, i only have a couple of questions:

Can you tell me which is the conflicting feature?
If i turn it off then will i be able to use state saving? (API is good enough, i don’t really need the UI).

There are three preset light states for wall switch, the lamp will turn to different light if you switch lamp on with wall switch three times. You can see the feature from Mihome application. And according to latest mi policy, we will not support mijia brand devices in Yeelight application.

I’m not sure about that, you can have a try.

It seems that i cannot turn off the feature but i got the general idea, the mi light wall switch function replaces yeelight save state (and i actually makes sense). Thank you very much for the help.