5 of my 7 devices dissapeard of my Google Home.


I have 5 color bulbs, a desk lamp and a bedside lamp. Today, 3 of my color bulbs and both lamps dissapeard from my Google Home App. They work perfectly fine on the yeelight app but they are not syncing with the Google home app.

I updated the firmware of all of my devices recently and I saw that the goodle home app said I unlinked both lamps??

Can you help? :frowning:


MI ID: 1901066979

Hello, seems these devices disappeared is brand of Mijia. They are also supported with Yeelght and Mihome from google home, so if you use them both from google home. There would be duplicated devices in home. So google push us make changes: Yeelight only supports devices with brand of Yeelight.

If you want control these devices that disappears, please add MiHome skill from Google home.

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I am also having the same issue - bedside lamp and desk light say “disconnected” from Google Home.

I added the lights to Mi Home app successfully, but I am unable to link Mi Home skill to Google Home - it prompts the login, I do it successfully but then it doesn’t show Mi Home as linked devices, i can click linking again and it does nothing.

I know this is out of scope as it is another app, but maybe someone else has a similar problem and can help out how they managed to do the connection.