A lot of (possible) bugs and issues that I have with the Yeelight iOS app.

  • In the widgets section of the lock screen/notification center, I don’t have many issues other than the my LED Bulb is never “Online” and is always labeled as “Offline”. I can’t control it at all in the Yeelight widget in iOS because of this.
  • When I open the Yeelight app in iOS, my LED Bulb will show that it is offline when it is in fact plugged in and turned on. However, I can still turn the light on and off. Another issue with this shows that my LED Bulb is turned off when it is on. It also shows that it is turned on when it is turned off.
  • When renaming my LED Bulb, the name I attempt to rename it to does not save. I currently have the name saved to “Bedside Lamp” and I want to change the name of it to “My Lamp” to be able to use the product with my Google Home more easily. However, this feature currently does not work. Unsure if this is the same for other Yeelight products.
  • When trying to send feedback via the app, I usually if not always get an error, which is also why I am giving feedback within the forums.
  • When trying to use the “Add to Home” feature, I constantly get an error and asks me to either “Cancel” or “Retry”.

All of these bugs are highly annoying and get in the way of some of the key features that these lights have to offer.

Hi, please logout and relogin to see if these issues are still there. Thanks.

This worked am I am very thankful for workaround. Thank you!