Meteorite YLDL01YL first setup

Hi all.
i’ve installed a [Meteorite YLDL01YL] how now to set it up with the app?

i cannot find it in the list of the devices

can you please give me a guide for it?

thank you

try “Yeelight LED Ceiling Light Series”

hi do you have the full procedure?
thank you

  • Open the app
  • Click Add Device
  • Yeelight LED Ceiling Light Series
  • Reset your device (switch the ceiling light on and off for 2 seconds each, five times in a row till it starts blinking/breathing and the restarts)
  • Select the device you want to add
  • The app and the ceiling light will now connect (the ceiling light will start blinking/breathing while its connect)
  • Set up and enjoy your new connected device :grinning: