Cannot add yeelight 2 color to Yeelight or home app following power outage

Hi, I have 5 Yeelight 2 bulb and all were working fine for last 5 months. We’ve had a power outage recently (not the first one since we bought the bulbs) and afterwords the app was no longer connecting to the bulbs. I had reset the bulbs (power off and on 5 times) and attempted to add the lights again in Yeelight app. The app can find all 5 lights but is failing to connect to any. The connection status is frozen at 25% for a while and then it goes back to the add a device screen with the light not being added.

How can I solve this Issue?



Please have a check if the bulb can connect to your router?

And try setup a hotspot with another phone then connect the bulb to it to see if it works.