Yeelight Mesh Candle Bulb

Hello there,

My MI ID is 6259063190, I have Yeelight Mesh candle bulb and it is not working on both iOS and Android devices. Only works like a regular bulb when turned on and off manually. Please help me fix me this issue, been trying to reset 100 times. Nothing is working.

Do you have a MESH gateway?

What is mesh gateway ?

I have Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen. Do I still need Yeelight Mesh Gateway?

Yes, the MESH bulb can’t talk to cloud directly since it’s bluetooth based.

Ok thank. I will get one.

Hi there, like you told me earlier, I bought Mi Gateway speaker. Now it is saying that I need to connect my mesh bulb to Mi AI Clock or Yeelight Speaker. What kind of nonsense is this? Can’t I connect the bulb to Mi Gateway speaker? Please help.