Feature request - turn yeelight 650 from off to moon mode


There is maybe already a way to do it, please let me know how:

I would like to be able to turn on the light directly from off to either moon mode or normal mode.

Currently, if the light was set to normal mode before being switched off, if I want to turn it on in moon mode from the remote control or from a smart switch, I have to first turn it on, then press the moon/normal mode button.

I have a baby in the room, and I find it very annoying that I can’t decide to turn it directly in moon mode when needed.

Ideally, when the lamp is off, pressing the M button on the remote control should turn it on in moon mode.

Same for smart switches, when the light is off: double clicking should turn on the light directly in moon mode.

Can you tell me what do you think of this and could it be added?

Thank you

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Thanks for your great idea. We will consider your suggestion carefully.

You can set a night time and it will be turned on from off to night light when you turn on it.

Hi,First open nighttime,Press any remote button during this time will enter the night light mode。

For me whenever I turn off the lamp from normal mode, the LED starts glowing red while I never even use it. It is so ridiculous each time I have to manually turn off the LED ring.

hi. You mean the light start to be red when you turn off it?

It works like you said, but it needs to have night mode enabled all the time which is not practical as it loses its last configuration every time you turn it on.

When the light is Off:
A short press on On button should turn on the light with its last configuration.
A short press on M button should enable moon mode.
This would be so much more convenient and it would be a smart improvement for every yeelight 650 owners :clap::+1:

Is it something that you could add easily?

Many thanks for such a great product :grinning:

Yes that is correct. I need a solution for this problem.

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