Yeelight 650 - too bright


I have received my new yeelight 650, I love it but I find it too bright.

When I’m in sun mode, at the very minimum, it is already too bright.

I tried moon mode, at the maximum, it is too low.

I’m trying to get a brightness level between the two, but it seems impossible.

I have tested it with an app (,

you can see the results below :

I tried from the remote control, from yeelight app and from xiaomi mi home, the results are always the same.

Is it defective? Is there a way to reach the brightness level between moon and sun?

FYI, with a light bulb v1, I can get almost all the steps between 7 and 108 lux, with the yeelight 650, I have a big gap between 16 and 87 lux.


Yes - because of the technical reason (the moon and the sun are two separate modes based on the electrical side). Currently that’s what we can do to narrow the gap between the two. We’ll all be aware of this issue and keep improving,


Thank you for your reply.

Is there a firmware update coming to lower the sun mode?


Currently due to the technical reason, the brightness of sun mode can’t be lower anymore, that’s the lowest we can do. Sorry about the inconvenience.