Showing offline

After the firmware update all my lights are showing offline. I’ve tried to reset the bulbs, my wifi connection and nothing is working.

logout and login the app again. it’s App’s bug and we are fixing it.

I have tried logging out and logging back in and its still showing offline

Android or ios? How about update to latest version?

Hi, i have 2 yeelight led color bulbs. First of all, i found a trick by myself how to initialize my bulbs. I first connect my bulb, it gives connection time out error but when i checked the bulb looks connected to the router but it doesn’t even show up in the devices menu in the apps. Then i set up my camera and initialize and Then the bulp shows on. After a while i could use the bulbs without problems but it does not live online so long.

I use china server. My router is only 2.4ghz. Connecttion distance is like 2 meter between the router and the bulb. When i check the bulbs looks actively comnected to the Router but it doesnt even show up in the devices menu. Or should it, it shows offline. Please help me.