Mesh Downlight connection

It’s very small amount of information is available about mesh yeelight devices. I have some questions I would like to clarify:

  1. What is exact list of bluetooth mesh gateway devices supported? For instance, other Xiaomi Bluetooth products like bluetooth wall thermometer/hygrometer can connect even to xiaomi cameras and Yeelight ceiling lights as to BLE gateway. Will mesh downlights work with Ceiling lamp as with gateway?
  2. Which servers now support mesh devices? Especially, is there support for Singapore?
  3. Is it possible to control mesh devices using Google Home?

Currently I’ve bought one mesh bluetooth downlight (experimentally), but I can’t get it working properly and I have a feeling that device is very raw for market now…

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1.Currently, there ar six products can be used as a ble mesh gateway

ble mesh gateway is different with ble gateway
2.Only chinese mainland support mesh devices,we will support other server as soon as possible
3.You can use Google Home to control Mesh devices only if you have a ble mesh gateway.

Thanks for fast response and detailed answer.

Okay, so I can say that in current state, unfortunately, mesh device is useless for me, since all my home appliance is connected using Google home and I’m using Google Mini smart speakers. So there’s no reason to add Xiaomi smart speakers in this equation just to get lights pairing.

In this regard I have another two questions:

  1. Are Mesh Bluetooth Gateway and Bluetooth BLE Gateway technologies are hopelessly incompatible? I mean, is there any hope that with some firmware update mesh Bluetooth devices could be paired using smart camera or Yeelight ceiling light with Bluetooth BLE?

  2. Is there any plans on making WiFi downlight version so I could connect it directly to my network and control with Google Home as usual?

Hi can yeelight bluetooth mesh gateway connect to my yeelight candela? Thx!