Android Yeelight app crashes on login attempt

I’m using Google Pixel 3XL (also tested on 3a with the same results)
Android 10
Yeelight app version 3.2.30

Also, befor this issue, all of my lights were indicated as disconnected, that is why I logged out in the first place. But logout broke things even worse, because now I cant even login.

with me the same problem, all lamps offline
Registration with the app is not possible.
App will stop immediately.
New instalation, the problem itself.

We are working on the fix, the issue will happens on the phone with Android version over 9.0. Will let you know once fixed.

Fixed, please have a try with latest version 3.2.31.

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I have the same issue and the google play store still has 3.2.30 as the only available release. Can we get a link to the updated app?

EDIT: Google Play store now has the updated app. Thanks!!

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Thank you very much for fast fix! Now it’s working