Yeelight bulb is unresponsive in iOS HomeKit, after being on for 5+ hrs

Model: YLDP05YL Yeelight Bulb (Tunable White).
With latest firmware (2.0.6_0041)

Yeelight Bulb went unresponsive in iOS HomeKit. But it’s still working in Google Assistant & Yeelight App.

This happens frequently if I keep the lights on for 5-7 hours (it went unresponsive 2 times today. I reboot the bulb and within 30 minutes it stop working in HomeKit again). I’m not sure whether that’s caused by heat management issues or not.

But since it’s still working with Google Home / Yeelight App, I think it’s probably some software issue. Please fix that.

I’m using a Netgear R6700 Router. The router and the bulb is in the same room.