All yeelight bulbs show as unresponsive in Alexa app.

Hello, I have three Yeelight bulbs that now show as unresponsive in the Alexa app. I have tried resetting the bulbs, disabling/enabling yeelight skill, forgetting/discovering devices. Nothing works.
Help would be great, thanks.

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Could you please give me your amazon id? I will add you to beta skill to check the logs. Thanks.

What do you mean by Amazon ID? You mean the email address I use to log in?


Hi I’m having the same problem. Alexa detects the bulbs but appear as device is unresponsive.

When I only had the fire stick it worked fine. I have two lights and it worked perfectly. Today I bought an echo Dot and now I have this problem.

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I have the same Problem !

I have 2 RGB light bulb version 2 and one light strip all not responding to Alexa. It was fine 5 hours ago. I have tried delete and reinstall, changing country, etc… All don’t work, wasted my 2 hours of my time and today is Sunday.

We are working on this issue.

We have fixed this issue. Could you please try again?

We have fixed this issue. Could you please try again?

We have fixed this issue. Could you please try again?

Yes. Now works perfectly. Ty

Is working now… Thank you and keep up the good work. Intend to buy more yeelight in the future. Currently have LED light V2 (2nos) and 1 nos light strip…

Is not working again… every night at 9.30pm (UK time) it stop responding. Alexa say “Device is unresponsive” it works back in the morning. What the point in the morning when everyone is back to work.

My old yeelight for perfectly, but my 4 new bulb not working with Alexa
Can you do something, I use the same email yeelight and Alexa

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Hi I’m having the same problem should I also provide my amazon Id?

I’m experiencing the same issue since today. All my Yeelight bulbs and ceiling lamps are working properly from the Yeelight app but are not accesible nor from Alexa app (the decice is not responding) neither from Echo devices voice orders. My Yeelight app is pointing to German server and it used to work fine until today. Any help would be very appreciated. Thanks in advance!!

I am also having the same issue. It started today. Seems the connection between and Alexa and Yeelight is just broken now. I do see that the Yeelight app on iOS recently updated so maybe that broke it. I would love to be a part of this beta skill that you have mentioned a couple times

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I’m having this issue as well. Could you please add me into the beta?

Alexa Skill in Germany doesn’t work either anymore?! There’re some new reports on amazon about the skill showing that this seems to be a general problem atm. What happened?

Please, fix the problem asap.

Thx, Birdy


Same here in Italy :frowning:
It seems that Alexa can’t access to Yeelight data.

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