Tasker plugin can't trigger scenes

Using and loving Yeelight with Tasker over a year now to trigger certain scenes (like sunrise) and custom scenes on certain times (using my alarm.) But wanted to install my new lights I see that I’m not able to trigger scenes. Only certain commands which make it really cumbersome. Anyone knows how to trigger scenes directly again via Tasker? Experience this both on my version 1 rgb lights and v2 white lights. US server. Thank you in advance.

Which version of yeelight do you use?

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The issue was fixed, will release very soon. Thanks for your feedback.

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Thanks you!

In case someone wants to know, I used version 3.2.20. when can we expect the release on play store?

Please download the 3.2.30 version, thank you for your feedback.

Thanks for the quick fix, works like a charm with version .31.