Poor Internet Connection

Out of the blue, I keep getting “Poor internet connection” warning when I access the Yeelight ceiling light via Mi home apps on iOS. In the network I information tab, I saw there is huge packet lost. Restart the router and the ceiling lamp still the same. Ceiling lamp and router had been using for more then 1 years in their same position. Nothing moves. My internet connection is perfectly fine on my iPad… Can anyone or the Yeelight technical team advice?

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will this cause offline or lost of control? If not, you can just ignore this warning.

The automation log indicate that the ceiling lamp fail to turn on or off. Reason in red color font said “Timed out”.

Put the log aside, does the light action as requested?

Sometime the ceiling light does not turn on/off. When this happen, I check the log and it indicate Timed out. This is not just a warning message but affecting the operation. The ceiling light have been using for more then 1 years in the same location. I have 2 ceiling light in the same area. Only one frequently have this problem. Once the other light have this issue. I have tried to update the router firmware when I have this problem. Reboot both the router and the 2 ceiling light. The problem still persists.

Could you provide your xiaomi ID? so we could take a look at the log. Also, please let us know your router’s model.

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Hello is there any solution to this problem the same thing is just happening to me.