Problem with Yeelights and Aqara Switch


Since about two months I’m having issues when switching a group of 3 led strils and two color bulbs on / off. The automation is Set in the xiaomi app through a aqara gateway with the one way rocker switch.

When clicking it, the lights turn on and off again in a weird pattern, eventually mostly one or two stay off in the end, with no repetiton.

Would anyone know where to look into this? Thank you

hi,which server are your lights connecting to? Maybe the network is not very good.

My all system was working good on mi home.
Since about 2 weeks, all automations with yeelights bulds can’t work.
Otherwise, yeelights are working, all sensor are working, the problem is the automation with yeelights.
Could someone help?

You can trigger the automation manually. If it is working, maybe there is sth wrong with the sensor.