Yeelight Lightstrip Connection

Hello, Have already two yeelight lightstrip. Integrated into smartthings. All fine.

Installed next Yeelight lightstrip. Can not connect it to the Yeelught app.

  1. On app (Android 6.7 Inch screen) can select lightstrip but can not press continue after explenation page as fixed screen, does not move so can not get to the continue button below.

  2. Other light typs see the continue button but when I press and search does not find the lightstrip.

  3. On Apple ipad app. Different description what to do. But can not get the wifi networks that are working and can not write in the name of the network. Such have also no means to connect to Yeelight.

Any idea what I could do to install the yeelight lightstrip.

(Also tested if the lightstrip has an issue. Used a second new one and tried to connect. Same issues).



What is your iPad os version? If it is iOS13, please install our latest Yeelight app and add location service for it.