Hello Yeelight team and fans,

Do you have any official information about the new model YEELIGHT GUANGCAN YLXD50YL?

Compared to the yeelight 650 (YLXD02YL) , it is only 47cm, but it is announced to emit 7400lm instead of 3500lm.

It doesn’t seem to have the quick installation mount seen on other model.

It doesn’t come with the Bluetooth remote control.

Also it is compatible with homekit.

Is it all true? Where is your official webpage about this product? I couldn’t find anything on Chinese, Singapore and English websites.

Thank you

@HuangXiangyi could you share some info?

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If it can help, as seen on gearbest :

Intelligent upgrade, lighter and brighter, ceiling light born for the atmosphere
YEELIGHT GUANGCAN YLXD50YL back plate thickness of only 8mm , and the body is lighter and thinner. The 2700-6500K color temperature and can reach 7400lm brightness , which can meet the needs of various life scenes. Support Apple HomeKit function to link more smart devices in your home. With 160 RGB lamp beads , it can achieve 1600W discoloration, free to design exclusive personalized scenes. Ultralow brightness moonlight mode allows you to enjoy the moonlight indoors. The color rendering index of Ra95 maximizes the color of the thing itself. At the same time, anti-mosquito and insect-proof can bring you a more comfortable experience.

Main Feature:
● 2700-6500K adjustable color temperature
● Using quality 160 high-quality RGB lamp beads, giving out 16 million light colors, main lamp and atmosphere light are used at the same time to render the atmosphere
● High color rendering index ( CRI ) up to Ra95
● Ultralow brightness moonlight without disturbing your families sleep
● Using refracted light which is softer and eye-protection
● Smart linkage with Xiaomi AI speaker to voice adjust and control the brightness
● Remote control the light via Yeelight APP, Apple HomeKit, Alexa, Google Assistant Compatibility


Yes – you can refer to the gearbest website.

And the luminous flux 7400lm is referred to the GUANGCAN Pro (YLXD49YL) which is used in the living room and the size is 930x630mm.

As the GUANGCAN series contains two ceiling lights ((YLXD49YL & YLXD50YL), only the small one is sold on gearbest. Please see more details about them as below:

Thank you, why couldn’t I find it on your official website?

We’re working on it. Will update them on the official web hopefully next week, since there’re lots of products waiting to update.


Thank you.

In the end, I’m going with the yeelight 650.

Looking forward to adding it to my collection :+1::+1:

The question here is: would it have as well “1% too bright” problem and buzzing noise problem like YILAI YlXD05Yl 32W 480???

Dear HuangXiangYi, Dear Yeelight Team,
I would love to purchase the YEELIGHT GUANGCAN YLXD49YL model for its full 7200lm and ambient lighting.
When will you offer that on gearbest, banggood or another international website?

I created a new post, as its not directly about the New model YEELIGHT GUANGCAN YLXD50YL but its bigger brother


Currently we don’t have the YLXD49YL on international website, but I just asked our related colleague to check if it could sell a small amount on gearbest, will get to you once we got the answer.


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Awesome, thank you very much for your effort! 謝謝你!