Bulb is offline in iOS widget, but online on app.

Hi, issue as per title. Is there any way to fix this? It was working normally before. I want to avoid unlocking my phone just to get into the app and dim/off the lights. (I don’t use Siri often, and prefer to stick to Yeelight app - using other apps is my last resort.)

I’ve tried reinstalling app, resetting network settings but to no avail

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Same thing here. Offline after last update.

I have the same problem after the last update.

Same issue. US Server

Same here

Same issue, 650mm ios 13

Thanks for your response. We will fix this issue ASAP.


Same, also in the yeelight app my bulb stops responding after i chage the brightness or color and some times it said offline.

Bumping up for attention. Hoping for a fix soon.

Same here

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