Yeelight mesh led downlight


I just bought a whole lot of Yeelight mesh led downlight to install in my new house. But I have a problem connecting them to the Yeelight app.

The app may well find all the lamps, but when I try to connect, the connection gets stuck at 60% and never comes any further.

I’ve been trying to switch to the Chinese server to see if it had any effect. On the Chinese server, the lamps are well connected to the app and reach 100%, but afterwards they appear as offline and I cannot control the light through the app. I usually use the German server as it is closest to where I live and are recommended and my other Yeelight products are connected through this server.

I have tried restarting my phone and turning on and off Bluetooth several times and tried to reset the lamps as well but without luck.

Why can’t I connect my lamps to my app so I can control the light?

Hope you can help me and thank you in advance.

BR Luffe.k

No one who can help?:worried:

Do you have a MESH gateway device?

These mesh devices only support with Mainland China server, and will be online today. That’s why it was stuck at 60% when you connect it to Germany server.

Mesh devices should work with mesh gateway device.

No, I do not have a MESH gateway device (yet) as I thought I was able to only use my phone to control the downlights.
So I need to get a MESH gateway device to control the light through my phone and the Yeelight app?

Okay, then it makes more sense :grinning:
So if I switch to the Chinese server will it be possible to control the light through my phone? or should I get a mesh gateway device before it’s possible?

Yes, definitely.

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Thanks. I’ll go shopping then :grin: