Pendant Meteorite Light issue

After last firmware update my pendant meteorite lamp cannot be accessible from the yeelight app.
I tried to reconnect it after reset but the connection always fail at 51%.
My ID: 1600665422
German server

please use cellphone as hot-spot to try it again.

I did it and I connected the lamp but then when I am back on my home wifi the lamp is offline again.

It seems there’s something wrong with your ISP when lamp try connect to xiaomi cloud. You can have a try to change DNS of your router to and connect again.

My router do not allow me to change DNS.
It is strange because before firmware update everything was ok.

Right now after last iOS app update there is no more the possibility to choose the pendant light to connect it. What can I do?

You can try using cellphone as hot-spot that ssid and password are the same as the router. So when you reconnect it and next time the device will try to connect the router.

You should use our latest iOS app and add location permissions for Yeelight App.