Yeelight Ceiling Light - Loose connection?


Just installed the 480mm Galaxy (

  • Turned power off in house
  • Screwed the base onto the ceiling
  • Connected the LIVE and NEUTRAL wires to the base.
  • Attached the light to the base until I hear both clasps click.
  • Turned power on in house.
  • Turn light switch on.
  • Ceiling light does not turn on.
  • Stand underneath the ceiling light and push the light up, ceiling light turns on, when I let go, ceiling light turns off.

Whats going on here? It seems that the light is not making a connection with the base unless I apply pressure to push the two pieces together.

I must be doing something wrong here right?
Surely Yeelight hasn’t developed a product that has gone through quality control and is being sold to consumers when it doesn’t function because the weight of the light is too heavy that it drops down from the base

The tray is in poor contact because the middle of the tray is deformed. You can remove the tray and press it back to its original state.

Thanks for the reply.

Are you sure that’s the reason? The tray doesn’t look deformed to me.

Please contact the retailer directly.

@luhaobo - Thanks for the tip. I had overtightened the screws in the picture I posted above which deformed the base.

Took the base off of the ceiling, pushed the middle back and reattached to ceiling. Now the light is making a connection with the base.