Can´t share devices after new "share home". Need some yeelight staff attention

Hi, my roommate has lost all yeelight devices in the yeelight app. After enabling the new Xiaomi Home App “share home” all the devices dissapeared from yeelight app.
I have tried “share device” again in both apps, but now it seems that this function is no longer working.

So my roommate can only use Xiaomi Home App to manage yeelight devices for the moment. Can you take a look on that? Thanks


Please have a check if you select the same server in Yeelight with Mihome.

If you are not sure about it, you can have a try switch server in Yeelight to see if there’s devices.

Both apps have china server.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Delete all share devices.
  2. Select “share home” on Xiaomi Home app to share with my roommate.
  3. Yeelight devices not appearing on yeelight app, only on Xiaomi Home app.
  4. Even if I share again a device individually, its not appearing on share devices list on both apps, yeelight or Xiaomi Home.

Do you mean devices you shared don’t show in your roommate’s yeelight app?

Yes they are not appearing if I use share home on Xiaomi Home app.

And because of that i have tried to share device by device again, but i cant share this way now, nothing happen when i do It.

I see, after you share home to the other. The other can switch to the home to control these devices.

Seems this is a new feature of Mihome, I will send feedback to Mihome. But I am not sure if they will make any changes.Currently, if you want to control with Yeelight, please cancel home share, and share device one by one again to your roommate.

Yes cancelling home share and adding devices one by one works.

So if I use share home, share device individually stop working. Tell this to mi home app developers.

Any news about this? my roommate had to uninstall yeelight app because now is useless if devices doesn´t appear…