Broken Yeelight JIAOYUE YLXD02YL 650 Surrounding Ambient Lighting LED Ceiling Light WiFi bluetooth

Hello to all,I have a problem with a Yeelight Ceiling Light 650.
I bought this Led Light and was broken in cover.
Maybe has broken in shipping transfer.
Where can I buy a cover about?
Type: White Lampshade.
Do you know someone,where I can buy cover for my Led Light?
Thank’s for your time

For this issue, please contact the seller for replacement.

Dear yuwenqian,
I send mail in the seller and it hasn’t cover.
I want to know,if there is somewhere I can buy other cover.
Do you know where I can find?
I want do buy a cover.
Thank you for your answer

Good morning,
Can someone help me about?
Do you know someone,where we can buy parts for this Led Light?
My cover is broken and I need a cover
Do you know where I can find?

Sorry for the late.
Where did you buy the product?


Please provide your purchase screenshot, your order No., your name, email,address and phone number to
We will check your order with Banggood.

My friend,
I don’t want warranty…
I want to buy a cover.
I want to pay a cover.
Where can I buy one?

No cover sold separately.

This is very disappointed for your company and your support…
And if the cover broken,like me,I throw in the garbage the Light???

this damage is caused by delivery, you should talk to whoever sold this product to you. If you bought this product directly from Yeelight, we will give you a new one.

Mi friend,
I understand that you told me…
But I want to pay a cover!!!
I bought this product from Banggood but I don’t want something from my seller…
I am ok with my seller (Banggood)…
I don’t ask something from the seller…
I want just a cover!!
Can I buy from somewhere???
Can you help me about???

If you want to buy a cover separately, you need to pay for the logistics while paying for the cover, and the logistics cost is very high, which may be higher than the price of the product itself.

What else can I do about???

You can contact Banggood. If it is the responsibility of the seller, they should be able to reissue a cover. If it is the responsibility of logistics or others, I believe that you can also coordinate a satisfactory warranty.

I understand…
Thank for you time and thank you very much for your support