Every day (Bedside 2 ) app offline - not responding

My Bedside 2 once a day it disconnects from MiHome app + Home app (Device offline). (Iphone-IOS)
The only way to reactivate is remove the plug and insert it again.
Thanks support

Have you upgraded your iPhone to iOS 13?

Yes 13.1.3 iphone-6s

Did you upgrade the lamp before device offline?

Yes the lamp is new only a few days.
Right after power up was the update.
Everything works just every day I have to take them out of the socket and has re-engage to see her on the phone.

Today at work and again cannot be controlled remotely.
I enabled LAN. Added mac address and ip to router.
I will probably return the lamp and buy another product.

Will we answer ourselves?

For another thread:
Yeelight Staff

Yes, the fix should be published in a week.ed in a week.