Every day (Bedside 2 ) app offline - not responding

My Bedside 2 once a day it disconnects from MiHome app + Home app (Device offline). (Iphone-IOS)
The only way to reactivate is remove the plug and insert it again.
Thanks support

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Have you upgraded your iPhone to iOS 13?

Yes 13.1.3 iphone-6s

Did you upgrade the lamp before device offline?

Yes the lamp is new only a few days.
Right after power up was the update.
Everything works just every day I have to take them out of the socket and has re-engage to see her on the phone.

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Today at work and again cannot be controlled remotely.
I enabled LAN. Added mac address and ip to router.
I will probably return the lamp and buy another product.

Will we answer ourselves?

For another thread:
Yeelight Staff

Yes, the fix should be published in a week.ed in a week.

having the same problems with two lamps after lamp updates, PLEASE FIX IT.

i already asked support from iOS App. have no respond yet

Same problem. Please provide a fix.

I have the same problem for bedside lamp 2 on firmware v2.0.6_0030.
I reboot the lamp at around 7.30am everyday, and the log in my router shows that the lamp loses connection everyday between 4am and 7am.

I will reboot the lamp at 2am tonight, and see whether it still loses connection between 4 and 7am, and report back.

on 15 Jan, I decided to factory reset my Xiaomi bedside lamp 2, and only add it to the Xiaomi app and not to Apple HomeKit.
I did that at 2am 15th Jan, and the lamp stays connected to 10pm 16th Jan. This is the first time the lamp stays connected for more than 24hrs.

At 10pm 16th Jan I added the lamp to Apple HomeKit and it disconnected at 2:13am 17th Jan.

Now at 5:23pm 17th Jan, I am resetting to factory default and only adding to Xiaomi App.
Let’s see how long it will stay connected and whether it is Apple HomeKit causing the problem in firmware v2.0.6_0030.

Note: with the previous firmware v1.5 something, it was working perfectly even with Apple HomeKit.

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when there will be more updates to fix this problem??

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