Yeelight App does not work

Hi there, anyone has this issue?

My wifi modem was changed. I need to reconnect all my Yeelight LED Bulb. I upgraded my iphone to IOS 131.2. When i open my Yeelight App trying to reconnect all the light bulb, when it comes the Select Network, there is no wifi i can choose from. Anyone with this issue? I can’t connect any af light bulb now. Please help.

Seems there’s a compatibility issue with iOS 13, we will take a look at the issue.

Currently you can use ipad or an Android iphone to connect. Thanks.

We have fixed this issue. Could you please install the newest version?

Hi Luhaobo, newest version is available now.

Hi, the United States App Store still has a version of the app that’s 2 weeks old with the same problem. What do I do?