Problem with yeelight meteorite

I’ve got 2 yeelight bulb and i’am satisfied about it,
So I recently buy a yeelight meteorite YLDL01YL and i’ve got a problem with it:
If I turn off the light with the switch, it’s impossible to turn on after. No light, no response, no wifi, nothing happen.
I have to wait about 48h and the light work again…!
Why…?! I don’t know… The seller says “look at the connection, look at the plug…” but everything is alright.
Am I the only one with This problem?
I’m a little disappointed because I like yeelight and my other (bulb) is on top!!

What’s do you mean it’s impossible to turn on? How about switch multi times?
Do you connect the lamp to Yeelight app?

The light doesn’t want to reignite if I turn off the switch, then on.
And today, after 2 days unplug… The light doesn’t work.
It’s like the light is HS.
I don’t understand why! I check the electrical and everything is OK. I really think the problem come to the light…
This problem is New for you…?

Actually, i don’t quite understand what’s the problem.

Could you take a video to show it?

I also have exactly similar problem since the latest update.

  1. The light will work sometime. Once I switch off the light with the switch, I won’t be able to turn on immediately after that or after few hours.
    2 After about 24 hours later, when I switch on the light, then the light will function again. If I turn off the switch, it will be back to No. 1 above.

This only happened after the last update. Is it possible to downgrade the firmware?

Hello, i have the same Problem did anyone of you guys got a Solution ? I was expecting too much from the Lamp and now its not even giving me light. Please support-Team Fix this.