Yeelight Meteorite after update works with delays from Yeelight app

Hello! Today I installed the update for my Yeelight Meteorite and noticed that now this lamp from the Yeelight app (I tried Android and iPhone apps, last versions) very often works slowly. With delays. If I use the Yeelight Remote Control then this lamp works very fast.

I’m afraid that i have some problem with firmware. Because the update installation was really very strange this time. I had 0% then i saw that lamp was offline and after that for a long time nothing happened. Later i reseted the lamp and added again it in the Yeelight app. And now the app shows that I have the last version 2.0.6_0042. Is it possible to reinstall the firmware?

I already have two LED Lightstrips Plus, Yeelight Galaxy LED Ceiling Light 480 and Yeelight Galaxy LED Ceiling Light 650. All my Yeelight devices connected to the same Wifi. I use the German server. And with these four devices I don’t have any troubles, they work as expected.

So, I made a few tests and realized that when I have online only Yeelight Meteorite, then it works quit fast from the Yeelight app. If I have more devices online (for example two Yeelight Led Strips and this my Yeelight Meteorite) then I have delays (sometimes up to 25-30 seconds), but only for Meteorite. Other devices work perfectly.
For this test all devices were in one room, near to router.

How can I solve this problem?
And second question is about the firmware. Is it possible to reinstall last update for Meteorite? Because the first updating process was very strange.

The second question. Maybe because when the device update, it reboots and not connect to the network.
So, the App status is not updated.