Yeelight 320 ceiling light and Alexa

I have all my yeelight connected to Alexa through Singapore server (I found out on the internet that Germany won’t work, but didn’t try it out) . I have a couple of issues.

First, alexa discovered every light twice. Which is an issue as I can’t remove them. I’ve got around it by creating groups, but still. Any ideas with this one?

Second, I can adjust brightness 1-100%, but I can only choose 5 colour settings and they’re all on the sun side. Anyway to turn on the moon brightness?

  1. Have you enabled two yeelight skills(online and development)? You can remove any items in the device detail page.
  2. There are 16 color settings in device color page. You can have a go. Speaking of moon brightness, you can set some of them in scenes.

1 I only find one.
2 Can you tell me the command that alexa will understand? I can only see strength (0-100) and colur setting (5 options)

Like this !