Led Bulb CT connectivity

Hi! My Led Bulb Tunable White loses connectivity frequently and can’t be controlled via Yeelight app and Google Home. Sometimes it restores connection, sometimes I have to power cycle to reset. Firmware 2.0.6_0035. Please help me to upgrade or downgrade. Going really angry and regret a lot of buying this lamp.

Singapore server, MI ID 6245070457

Hi, we are working on the network stability issues reported recent, and had made some progress. Have added your ID to beta version whitelist. Please upgrade to 2.0.6_0040 and see how it works.
If 2.0.6_0040 does not show up in app, please connect the bulb to China mainlan server and retry.

Add My id i have problems of conexión of yeelight led bulb 6252674949

Help, am facing same issue with the tunable white Lamp. Can’t find it online on the app, and can’t hard reset it successfully. Lamp remains yellow after gg through the colour flow. V frustrating!! Mi ID: 6195505835