Mijia Bedside Lamp 2 v2.0.6_0030 firmware issue

Unfortunately 0033 didn’t solve the problem

hi, westcoast

After the bedside lamp2 was off line, can you find it in device list which connected to the router?

The problem in MI Home is gone, but still remains in Apple HomeKit.
If go into Mi Home and turn on the lamp, then only then you can turn it off in HomeKit, otherwise nothing else.
This is a good solution to the problem, thanks.

Please turn on the BLE Gateway in lamp.

No it is not connected to the router.
It is not also available in miHome app

I need more information about your router, such as manufacturer, model, firmware version.

no more RAM resource for gateway function, so it is disabled.

thanks for the info

Keenetic GIGA, OS 3.43

The problem has returned, the lamp offline stably 1 time per day.
Firmware: 2.0.6_0034.
Only disconnecting from the outlet helps.
My Mi ID: 4157463715

Hey. My testing of 033 showed that the problem was not solved. the lamp as before flies out of the network once a day. maybe it is better to roll the lamp back to 029?

New firmware [2.0.6_0034] but the problem remains :frowning:
The lamp (in LAN mode) disconnects from the network several times a day.
You definitely have to work it out or go back to version 1.2.8_0029.
ID: 1676039951
Thank you!

Will confirm @lewiatan message
New firmware 2.0.6_0034 doesn’t work for me as well

Hi please add me to the whitelist so that i can update. Just having the same disconnection problem with my bedside lamp 2.
ID: 6238371221

Thank you

Please add me as well. I have several yeelight devices. I would like to downgrade back to 1.2.x
Account ID: 1907694157


I have two yeelight bedside lamps. The lamps constantly lose wifi connections after the firmware updates. Please add me to the whitelist.


Thank you.

Some problem update firmware please ior downgrade

Hi any updates on this same issue lamp stays connected for a few hours then loses connection with the app and WiFi have to unplug and restart. Latest firmware.

Even more frequent wifi disconnects after upgrading to latest firmware. Please fix this as soon as possible. This problem has dragged on for months.

same here, what options do we have ?

After 26 stable connection todays its happening again same problem as before connection lost over wifi any permanent fix please?