Mijia Bedside Lamp 2 v2.0.6_0030 firmware issue

Hi devs!

Something is really wrong with a new firmware v2.0.6_0030. I have two Mijia Bedside Lamp 2 lamps, one with updated firmware (v2.0.6_0030), another one is still on v1.2.8_0029 (bought a couple days ago, haven’t updated it yet).

The lamp with updated firmware often has big delays (up to 10 seconds) between actions in the Yeelight app and actual behavior of the lamp. Please check the link to the video below demonstrating the issue:


This lamp used to work pretty well on the previous firmware v1.2.8_0029, reactions were instant, as quick as possible. Guys, please research and fix the issue as it’s a pain to use the lamp like that.

Also, the old firmware (v1.2.8_0029) has a nice and very pleasant orange color for the night mode which looks really good in the night. Whereas the lamp with the new firmware (v2.0.6_0030) has acid yellow color for the night mode which is really bad. Could you please revert back the color for the night mode in a future firmware update?

Let me know if you need any additional information I can provide.



we will release a new version to fix some issue like as the delay.
if i have your mi account, i can add it to our whitelist.
thans for using our products.

Yes, sure, whitelist my ID please, it’s 174024721. Will report back as soon as I test new firmware.

@chyhaiyuan is test firmware should be already available? Or we need to wait a little bit more?

please wait a few weeks.
the test firmware with optimizations and improvements is being tested internally by manufacturer.

Still no updates? Lamp is very unstable on the latest firmware v2.0.6_0030.

Hello, I have also two lamps with v2.0.6_0030.
From time to time, the lamps is disconnected from WiFi, while you can manually control via the touch panel. The problem is solving only by disconnecting from the power … I bought a third lamp of the same type, I will not upgrade to the current, unstable firmware version … But from version I need to do something … very unpleasant and not convenient.

i have lost wifi connection issue with my bedside lamp2, wifi connection lost after few hours and only thing to recover it by disconnecting lamp from power socket and re-plug it again which is very annoying for me and i am also using this latest firmware which has alot of bugs could you guys please release latest updates?

It seems that me and lot’s of others are having this issue with the firmware. Is there any update on a fix? otherwise I will have to return my lamp as it disconnects from my network every day.

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@chyhaiyuan is it really takes so long to update the firmware?? Why not just increase version number and revert back changes to the stable stage so your customers can use their devices as they expect it instead of struggling to make it work predictably? And then, when the devs fix all the issues, rollout the updated firmware that is currently broken. Please, hear and respect your users!

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Unfortunately, they don’t consider the connection issue to be very important

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I have same problems
Night mode was perfect in v1.2.8_0029
Also I have issue with delays =(

Is it possible downgrade my lamp to v1.2.8_0029? I want really warm night mode back …

My Mi account ID is 4164666969
Thank you.


@chyhaiyuan @weiwei @coasterli @dingyichen

Why is it so ridiculously wrong?? Almost two months and nothing. There are many reports about the bad firmware, but developers keep silence like everything is OK. Is it so difficult to revert a firmware or update it as needed?? Or do we need to ditch Yeelight and look for another vendor? Your team is used to be so responsive and user oriented, but not anymore. Please hear our voices and make it great again!


Having the same problem as the rest on this firmware. Lamp goes offline every day at least once. Do a power cycle and it recovers. Wonder what’s Yeelight doing to fix this. Seem like this version fix is taking a much longer time.

I have the same wifi disconnection problem on firmware v2.0.6_0030.

Please release a new firmware ASAP or help us downgrade to previous firmware.

on 15 Jan, I decided to factory reset my Xiaomi bedside lamp 2, and only add it to the Xiaomi app and not to Apple HomeKit.
I did that at 2am 15th Jan, and the lamp stays connected to 10pm 16th Jan. This is the first time the lamp stays connected for more than 24hrs.

At 10pm 16th Jan I added the lamp to Apple HomeKit and it disconnected at 2:13am 17th Jan.

Now at 5:23pm 17th Jan, I am resetting to factory default and only adding to Xiaomi App.
Let’s see how long it will stay connected and whether it is Apple HomeKit causing the problem in firmware v2.0.6_0030.

Note: with the previous firmware v1.5 something, it was working perfectly even with Apple HomeKit.

Ok after 3 hours, 8:51pm 17th Jan, the lamp disconnected again. At this point I cannot draw the conclusion that Apple HomeKit is the cause of the issue anymore.

25th Jan 2020
It is not possible to fix the issue without the developers’ participation.
I am not sure what new features were introduced in firmware v.2.0.6_0030, but it definitely broke the wifi connection.

So I have returned the lamp to the seller, and exchange for a new one.
The new one has the old firmware v.1.2.29 and it is now working rock solid. (no disconnection for 2 days now)

Lesson learned. If the product is working fine, and there is no new feature introduced, never update the firmware.

Unfortunately the Mi app will keep bugging you to update.

Same for me, I did a return with the seller for the older firmware v.1.2.29. Now working like a charm.

Any update on this? Lamp is unusable after upgrade. Broken night mode, schedules does not work after 1 day, problems with home kit. I don’t understand why it is called “upgrade firmware”, when actaully it is a downgrade.
I am so mad, definatelly my first and last yeelight product. I can’t believe that the company treats customers as their quality control…