Mijia Bedside Lamp 2 v2.0.6_0030 firmware issue

Hi devs!

Something is really wrong with a new firmware v2.0.6_0030. I have two Mijia Bedside Lamp 2 lamps, one with updated firmware (v2.0.6_0030), another one is still on v1.2.8_0029 (bought a couple days ago, haven’t updated it yet).

The lamp with updated firmware often has big delays (up to 10 seconds) between actions in the Yeelight app and actual behavior of the lamp. Please check the link to the video below demonstrating the issue:


This lamp used to work pretty well on the previous firmware v1.2.8_0029, reactions were instant, as quick as possible. Guys, please research and fix the issue as it’s a pain to use the lamp like that.

Also, the old firmware (v1.2.8_0029) has a nice and very pleasant orange color for the night mode which looks really good in the night. Whereas the lamp with the new firmware (v2.0.6_0030) has acid yellow color for the night mode which is really bad. Could you please revert back the color for the night mode in a future firmware update?

Let me know if you need any additional information I can provide.



we will release a new version to fix some issue like as the delay.
if i have your mi account, i can add it to our whitelist.
thans for using our products.

Yes, sure, whitelist my ID please, it’s 174024721. Will report back as soon as I test new firmware.

@chyhaiyuan is test firmware should be already available? Or we need to wait a little bit more?

please wait a few weeks.
the test firmware with optimizations and improvements is being tested internally by manufacturer.

Still no updates? Lamp is very unstable on the latest firmware v2.0.6_0030.

Hello, I have also two lamps with v2.0.6_0030.
From time to time, the lamps is disconnected from WiFi, while you can manually control via the touch panel. The problem is solving only by disconnecting from the power … I bought a third lamp of the same type, I will not upgrade to the current, unstable firmware version … But from version I need to do something … very unpleasant and not convenient.

i have lost wifi connection issue with my bedside lamp2, wifi connection lost after few hours and only thing to recover it by disconnecting lamp from power socket and re-plug it again which is very annoying for me and i am also using this latest firmware which has alot of bugs could you guys please release latest updates?

It seems that me and lot’s of others are having this issue with the firmware. Is there any update on a fix? otherwise I will have to return my lamp as it disconnects from my network every day.

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