Aqara Homekit Hub & German Server: No Bulbs in Mi Home

Hi there,
in my setup i have a Aqara Homekit Hub (EU Version), some yeelight color v1 und some v2. If i set up the bulbs in Mi home with German Server, the installation says everthing is fine. In Homekit i see the bulbs (at least the v2 bulbs) and can control them with homekit. But they aren`t in my mi home app.

Using the Bulbs with china server, there are in the app. But the hub doesn’t work with china server.
Maybe interesting: I see the bulbs in the yeelight app.

The problem is, i want to use switches. And i can’t the switches set up wether with homekit nor with yeelight.

FW Bulb v2: 2.0.51
Mi Account: 1798748919

Do you have any idea?

Yes, that is the problem wit Xiaomi eco system and Mihome app. Chinese devices work only on china server. Europe devices only on european server. Yeelights work on any server in Yeelight app. My advice - get china gateway/hub as there are much more devices in china (if you buy on Ali/Gearbest etc). and they’re much cheaper :slight_smile: