Yeelight YLDP02YL colour bulb blown

I have had 2 bulbs for about 1 year and used it probably less than 1000hours. I used google assistant to dim the bulb to 1% which I have often done previously without any issues, and it just cut out. I had only arrived home and turned the light on. I can’t get it working again, but the 2nd bulb I have is still working fine in the same socket. It just quietly buzzes when power is applied. I thought these bulbs were supposed to last 11yrs/25000 hours. I have tried different sockets in different houses. Is there anyway for me to get this replaced?

where did you buy this bulb? you can ask for a replacement or refund.

Thanks. I emailed gearbest and they offered me a $5 refund which seems reasonable, although overall I’m not sure I’ll buy another Yeelight as it’s been a lot of hassle dealing with them and sorting google home until I could out you can make changes and “sync devices” in assistant to square it back up. I wouldn’t expect what appears to be a premium product to fail after 1year when it’s supposed to last 11years. I’ll switch over to my sonoff smart plugs and use cheap led bulbs instead. Not as flexible, but have never failed. If the 2nd one I bought lasts, I may be persuaded over time. More of a toy if it doesn’t last at least a couple of years.