fw 51 (from 38) losing connection

I have a house full of RGB bulbs which will only intermittently have access to the internet. I control them using LAN control and they are fantastic. I just upgraded from fw 38 to 51 and now bulbs are loosing connectivity to the local lan and requiring a power reset to become functional. Can I downgrade or can you fix this please?

This issue should be caused by a bug introduced by Homekit function. Please provide your xiaomi id and we could provide one beta firmware.

I replied via email as it seemed wise to not put an id into a publicly visable forum. If you need it here that’s fine, just me know. FWIW, it’s the same as this forum account :slight_smile:

I didn’t receive your mail, you can just PM me in this forum.

I don’t see an option for private messaging. The id is yl@scampbell.net If you can remove that from public view it would be appreciated.

Ah, I see. You need this number 1880845078.

1880846078 sorry, typoed a digit

Have we made any progress please

Could you add me this is driving me made too my ID is 1848564861