Cannot connect Light Stripes to HomeKit

I cannot connect my aurora light strip plus (non of them) to HomeKit app. I have updated apps, IOS, stripes and have reseted them as well as tried all the servers; also tried to do it from different apps (Yeelight and MiHome) - nothing works! It keeps searching for the device and instead of a name just writes lightbulb.

Please make sure your phone and your strip are on the same local area network.

They are both on a same local network (2.4) and I have tried as well to do it from my iPad and iPhone. Didn’t work. It all works in the app, but only when I try to connect to HomeKit he doesn’t see my stripes instead of light name it is written Lightbulb.

  1. please make sure the firmware is upgraded to 2.0.x
  2. you could reboot your iPhone and try again.
  3. If you have iPad, please have a try.