Can’t link Yeelight with Google Home

I saw that thousands of people have the same problem to link their Yeelight to Google Home. I had 2 accounts and I have this problem. I removed all my accounts and have a new one now 6247884917. Im using the US server. Please unlock or fix my problem. Im using Yeelight for my discapacited mother and without Google Home linked, the Yeelight are useless. Thanks.

I think we should start a fan club… Yeelight’s aint smart.
My Yeelight will only work w/ the yeelight app, both google and alexa can’t find it.

We have found a google home bug recently, if you have linked an account without any device, you will never be able to unlink it and relink it again, google is looking into it. Not sure if this is the same issue you are facing.

@yusure please help to check.


Maybe you used different account, exactly, that account does not have device.

Please login this website, unlink your linked accounts, then re-link correct Xiaomi ID on GoogleHome app, please have a try.


Hi I also recent had this issue my ID: 6319041990. I’m connected to Singapore server