Can't synchronize Bulbs between Yeelight and MiHome apps

I have three color LED yeelight bulbs and a bedside lamp (among other things from Xiaomi ecosystem)

All the lights are connected to my Yeelight app connected to EU server.
Only the bedside lamp is visible on my MiHome app also connected to EU server.

I am trying to have all the devices visible on MiHome app so I can control them with Xiaomi Mi Home Hub peripherals but when I reset a bulb and try to find it in the MiHome app it only manages to do so when I switch to Mainland China. This does not work for me because all the other devices (purifiers, cameras, sensors…) are all connected to EU servers.

How can I fix this?
account ID: 1605650985

You can’t. Devices are region dependent. Or use Yeelight app.

But I don’t undetrstand why BOTH yeelight and mihome are set to Germany region
yet the bulbs work only in yeelight app

Because Xiaomi is limited by regions, Yeelight is not.

So despite having 3 bulbs connected to German server I cant see them in MiHome also connected to the same server?

Yes. Because the bulbs are for Chinese market, Xiaomi enforces region blocking. Yeelight does not. It is the same with all other Xiaomi devices - if they’re for chinese market, you can’t use them on Europe server or if they’re for international market you can’t use them on China server. Yeelight is exception, I suppose, because they have their own app, even though they use same (Xiaomi) server(s).

This sounds like an invitation to modifying the mihome app to stop acting ridiculous… there appears to be no hardware reason the products cant be used elswhere

Ofcourse there is no technical reason, the reason is absolutely economic :slight_smile: