Yeelight Ceiling YLXD39YL Sign Out

Hello, ceiling light YLXD39YL disconnection of the wifi inopportune (sometimes 1 minute, 5 minutes, 30 seconds … all the time) after several reset is the same. I have 2 ceiling lights it’s the same thing. I have other yeelight bulbs and no problem. Ceiling light version 1.3.2_0014. I have a xiaomi 3g router
Server China
My ceiling lights can not be operated with my aqara wireless wall switch

Thx :wave:

Yeelight smart ceiling lights only support 2.4GHz wifi.

Yes I know, it is well set on the 2.4Ghz

xiaomi 3G router means Gigabit for the “G”
I really had trouble pairing them to my wifi
They pretended that this disconnect (I remember that I’m used to devices I have a Mijia gateway with 18 devices and they all work perfectly on my network)
Do you think there is a problem with FW?
thank you

always the same problem of disconnection (about 10 times in 1 hour)
the disconnection takes about 1 minute each time
my other led bulbs never disconnect
could someone help me please

Could you provider your xiaomi account? I will take a look.

of course :wave:
ID: 1885941220

There’s a new firmware update these days, please try update to see if it works.

ok thx
i will be back :sweat_smile:

little question … the release date of this ceiling light was when please

Actually,I don’t see the lamp in your account from Mainland China server. You will see update now if you connect it to China server.

I made the update (2.0.6_0016) and pass server China , there is an improvement but still some disconnections
Before it was 10 times an hour, now it’s 5 times an hour

@rex_yan1 Please help take a look at the issue.

thank you for your support, to give more information I control the offline with third-party software (local network)
I bought a variable switch in BT (YLKG08YL) so that my lights work (with a switch Aqara QBKG02LM via MiHome impossible to use because of the off line of my ceiling lamp: reaction time too long or nothing happens … .)
My 2.4Ghz wifi network is stable (all my LED YLDP06YL have no connection problem)

Please provide your router model and network topology

Xiaomi mi Router 3G (G for gigabit) 2.4Ghz


This ceiling light is not connected to the fire switch aqara zero.
when it goes offline … it goes offline. that’s all!
I did not turn off the lights through Aqara
on the mihome and yeelight apps it says: offline
can you write in English because I do not understand any! thanks
anyway by feeding only the ceiling light it goes offline
The ceiling light is powered all the time (I do not use my old switches)

I think I’m not the only one to use this ceiling light …

Hi, still the same problem. Still not resolved

Hi,switch server to China mainland,share the device to MI ID:3985130,We will upgrade the firmware through background。

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ok thanks, i hadn’t seen the message. I shared my 2 ceiling lights. Happy new year 2020 :confetti_ball::tada::clinking_glasses:

hi,can you share it again,i did not receive the message,ps switch to china server first