iOS 13 Homekit Problem! It only seems to work when I am with WIFI!!

Since I updated to iOS 13 I cannot use homekit with my bulbs. Even I reset the device it just work for a bit only. The yeelight app still works just fine but the homekit keeps saying “No response”. Please help!!!


Before you upgrade to iOS13, everything is working fine?

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Yes it was working just fine! Now it works from time to time. I think the App needs an update or something.

Any news on this? I’m having exactly the same issue. Before iOS 13 everything was working perfectly, and after updating, HomeKit just stopped finding the lightbulbs. And there’s absolutely no way to make them work again, HomeKit will never find them.

If we’ll have to wait that long every time apple does an update, I think I might return the lightbulbs

You could provide your xiaomi account to us and you will get a beta firmware which fixes several issues.

Is there any way to send you a private message? I wouldn’t like to share my email on a forum message

Or is my account ID is enough?

There is also problem with Yeelight app/Xiaomi Home app on iOS13 with adding new lights. There is no more option for choosing wifi (SSID). On iOS12 is everything OK. Tested today.

just account id is enough.

this is also because iOS 13’s change, some model will have problem. App will work around this problem in next release.

1793593849 thank you

When will be next release?

I had the same issue, and I just managed (right now) to add them again, I was able to do this, connecting my iPhone to the 2.4Ghz WIFI instead of 5Ghz, and using that 2.4Ghz connection while connecting to the bulb through the “Mi Home” app, and afterwards the lightbulbs will show on the Yeelight app. HomeKit still not working though, I’m still waiting for the beta firmware update access to be able to test

Could you please add me to the Beta Firmware Mi ID is 6242949933

Please also add me to the beta program, thanks.
ID: 1910377300

Hi!, any update? have you added me to the beta program? Thanks

already added to whitelist, you need to connect to China server and restart App.

OK. I’ll test it. Thanks!

It works like a charm with the latest beta firmware (2.0.6_0062), also works perfectly without WIFI through HomeKit iOS 13.1.2. Thanks a lot for the help!! Much appreciated!

Can i get added to the beta firmware too .
I’m so frustrated already.