Different bulbs showing same color differently

I have recently bought a new RGB gen2 bulb to use together with a bulb of the same model bought around one year ago.
The problem is that the new bulb shows the same colors different from the old one, specially when it comes to red, oranges and yellows (I have them grouped in a “room” group in the app).
The new bulb seems to cling on redish tones managing the transition between colours differently. Both are running the 2.0.6_0051 firmware version.

Is my new bulb defective? Did anything change in the hardware that can justify this? Anyway to fix it?

This is particularly problematic as this makes them run colour transitions at different paces for the same scene. For instance: if I apply sunset to both (both starting with the same colour and temperature) the older bulb will move gradually from white to yellow then to orange and red. However, the new bulb will turn dark orange after just 1 or 2 minutes and then turn red.

Same problem here. Any solution?

Probably related to this hardware issue on 1S bulbs