App bug on Android 9.0 (OneUI)

Hello! I have been enjoying your product so far, however the app has a bug that’s been bugging me (no pun intended) for quite a while now. If I reset my Yeelight (V2 color), then I try to add it via the Yeelight app on my Galaxy S9+, I will often be greeted towards the end by a “Connection has timed out” error. However, if I try to add the light bulb on my Galaxy S5 which is running Lollipop, the app will always succeed. I have granted all possible permissions to the app on my S9+, but the connection success rate has still been very low. I’d really appreciate it if you could look into this problem. Have a nice day!

Thanks for you feedback, which version of Yeelight app do you use?

I am using version 3.2.15