Yeelight 650 Ambient ceiling light - cannot add to Mi home app

Hi, I installed 650 Ambient ceiling light YLXD02YL, paired remote control, it works well. But the issue is, I cannot connect/add to Mi home app. It always stucked on “Connecting device to network… (channel 2).” Yesterday I installed and connect 480 ceiling light without any issue. Despite this fact, I tried due to this issue with 650 light: changed DNS to, switched off 5GHz network, changed WiFi 2.4GHz password to simple one (without?, only keep letters and numbers), tried another phone with another mi account, nothing helped. To be honest, I don’t know, which type of light I can use to try to connect in yeelight app. In both apps I have Chinese server. Other bulbs, lamps, as well as 480 ceiling light are working well. I am using Mi router 3. Can you pls advise?