Advice on Yeelight connection with Public Wi-Fi


I have 2x 1st Generation Yeelight Colour Bulbs and I am having some issues at my university dorm. At home, I have no problem connecting to my Wi-Fi and inputting the password. However, at my university dorm, the Wi-Fi is set up in a way so that when you click on the Wi-Fi name it redirects you to a website to sign in (very much like in the airport but once you are signed in you don’t need to do that again as your device MAC address is captured on the personal account). Therefore, there’s no way for me to enter the password within the app during the Yeelight setup.

Other brand smart bulbs and devices such as Amazon Echo rely on the WiFi that is currently in use on your mobile phone that you are using to set up the smart devices and so you don’t need to sign in within the app during setup which means that I am not having any issues with other brands.

Any advice?

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