Yeelight bulbs can't be added to Xiaomi Home (Mi Home) EU server

Dear Yeelight staff,

I have a complete setup on my Xiaomi App for quit some time now. Along with so many other users we all use the China server…In my case I have over 10+ Yeelight bulbs , 2 Ledstrips and 1 bedside lamp. Combined with the Mijia Hub and Mijia & Aqara sensors Automation becomes reality. Which is very awesome!
I personally believe Yeelight’s biggest strength of being a Xiaomi partner is the fact many products from different brands can communicate with eachother on Xiaomi’s home platform.

Now as time flies by Xiaomi Home (previously named Mi home) finally becoming more attractive for EU users as the EU server is expanding the list of devices which can be paired.

Aqara made a EU compatible Hub…and also developed an EU version under Mijia’s brand. I’ve got an European Aqara hub and would love to move most of my devices to the EU server.

Luckily… all sensors can be paired on all servers. The Bedside lamp can be paired which is Great!. I’ve got a bunch of other Devices that were made for the EU server (Roborock S5, Viomi V2, etc) .

I understand the fact some devices aren’t made for being used outside China, as they should never had been sold by third party sellers.

I’m fine with the fact the LED strips can’t be moved over to the EU server since these came with a China plug. So in the end, it’s just our fault/risk buying these…

But couldn’t it become a reality to make the Yeelight bulbs (I’ve got version 1) available for the EU server? In order to create automation? Since the Edison screw is Universal (E27) ?
Or do I really need to buy Mi Led Bulbs or Aqara’s tunable white bulb and remove my beloved Yeelight bulbs?

I think many ppl having the same ‘thing’ going on. It would be a big (Financial) loss if one of the core products of home automation , which are the great Yeelight bulbs, never can be used on the EU server.

Really hope to see a reaction:)

Best regards,

I had a similar complaint, but Yeelight people just washed their hands and said that all Mi Home issues are not their responsibility.



I had the same problem as you. Some from china, some from Europe. I use the aqara and xiaomi devices on Mi home app. and i use the yeelight bulbs on the yeelight app.


2 days ago, all my yeelight showed up on my Hi home app. And i can control them using Mi home app and also use them in automation!

This is great!!! and everything is on the same server. (mot mainland china)


YEELIGHT!!! Thanks a lot!!! You are the Best!!!